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Remembering our veterans…

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of November in 1918, World War One ended. Arguably the most terrible war the modern world had witnessed to date was finally over. Few souls on Earth went untouched in some way by the war. So many served, so many died, and so many took the scars of their experience home with them and did their best to get on with life. All had hoped there would never be cause for such sacrifice in the future.

uncle george                                                                                                                                                         My Uncle George G. Hughes,  U.S.Navy,                                                                                                                                                  just before leaving for WWII

Of course, we know the call came again and again. And despite full knowledge of the challenges, horrors, and heartbreaking losses, many brave young men and women answered the call a few years later when the U.S. entered World War II- all four of my Dad’s brother’s served in WW2- two of them in the Japanese Theater and two in Europe; (Dad didn’t serve till the Korean War). They, like so many of their friends at the time, did so because they accepted what it means to serve and defend our most deeply held shared values as Americans.  My many cousins and I were all raised to be proud of their service, this country and what it meant to serve.

 unsle tom at tent

My Uncle Thomas P. Hughes, U.S. Army while stationed in Germany

In recent years, I have seen many of my friends serve in different branches of the Armed Forces, most of them have come home unharmed; some with wounds we can’t see, other with a limp or tow- but thankfully, like all of my uncles- they all came home. So many haven’t…

This Veteran’s Day I hope you will join me in a spirit of gratitude for veterans everywhere. I believe each of us can see our way to hold them in our minds— those we know personally and those we have never known. If you see a veteran, thank them. If you know the family of a veteran, help them. Let us pay homage with pride.

Paul army portrait paul army2

                        My Dad just before shipping out during the Korean War and on the right,

                              few of his buddies..  luckily, they all came home & had long lives with loving families.

Good and Bad Signs in a Neighborhood

Like most things in real estate, neighborhoods are constantly changing in value. In some cases they can improve rapidly and decline gradually, but more often than not they change slowly, over time.

Ideally, you want to buy property in neighborhoods as they’re appreciating. You certainly don’t want to pay top dollar in a neighborhood which is in decline. So how can you tell which direction things are heading?

Home values over time are one way to tell, but they tend to lag behind the trends. Values reflect what the current situation is… they don’t predict the future.

While you definitely want to observe a neighborhood first-hand at different times of day and night, here are some other indicators of neighborhood value trends:

Positive indicators:

– Homes are receiving multiple offers

– Schools are well-rated and in demand

– Young families and creative types are moving to the neighborhood

– Older couples choose to remain in the neighborhood as they age

– Commercial properties are quickly redeveloped and leased

Negative indicators:

– The number of homes converted into rentals has increased

– Homes remain on the market longer

– Companies are relocating away or shutting down offices

– Commercial spaces are vacant for long stretches

Sometimes you can spot the potential in a bad neighborhood, but it often means you have to put up with the bad neighborhood for a long time before reaping the rewards. It’s a good idea to evaluate neighborhoods with these indicators in mind. Neighborhoods you have traditionally regarded as “good” or “bad” may have (or be under) significant change.

I am more than happy to help you with neighborhood research! Talk to me today to begin your hunt: